Individual Therapy

I’ve been told that working with me feels like an emotional hug. I’m warm, supportive and encouraging. My clients also appreciate that I can really kick some butt when called for (usually with a dose of humor!).
Will we make a good fit?

Clients who work best with me are curious and want to challenge themselves: They do not simply want to feel better; they want to feel better. They are typically experiencing a cloud of humming anxiety or heaviness whose source can be difficult to pinpoint. They want to be able to name their experiences so that they can move forward in a more intentional, grounded way.

Individual therapy with me might be a good fit for you if:
  • You are hoping to become more courageous and authentic in your relationships
  • You are willing to explore your own emotional and behavioral patterns, and to think about their geneses
  • You are seeking healing and support along with new self-knowledge
Specialties include:
  • Relationship Issues
  • Perinatal/Postpartum
  • Life Transitions
  • Anxiety
  • Depression
Therapy with me is likely not a good fit if:

You are looking for a drill sergeant therapist. Although I like to think that I give excellent advice (just ask my family :-)...), I firmly believe that you are the expert of your own experience. My job is to help you figure out what you want to do, with gentle challenges.

Couples Therapy

Couples who work well with me are looking more for a deeper understanding of themselves and each other in a relationship. The couples therapy I offer focuses on communication, understanding, learned family patterns, and facilitation of stronger emotional intimacy.

Perinatal Therapy

I work with individuals anywhere in their journey during the perinatal period - meaning the time leading up to, including, and after having a child (or children!). This includes people deciding whether or not to have children; infertility; prenatal loss; postpartum depression; and those generally struggling with the transition to parenthood.


I have a particular interest in working with those left swirling by the ambivalence that comes with motherhood, and who are having difficulty coming to terms with shifts in identity, lifestyle and relationships postpartum. I aim to normalize views on parenthood in all of their innumerable forms - the rosy, and the gritty.

Let's figure it out together

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