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My name is Dr. Claire Rodgers. You can call me Claire. I am a Clinical Psychologist who loves working with a variety of people, and I also specialize in perinatal therapy (before, during, after pregnancy!) You can learn more about that piece here.

I’m on a mission to help deep-feeling, curious people understand why they do what they do and feel what they feel, so that they can find more balance, intentionality and peace.

I love working with deep feelers because I know intimately both the gifts and the burdens of being an emotionally sensitive person, as well as the toll that profound feeling can take on our mental state. I also know the relief that comes from figuring out the why - why did I respond this way to this person? Why did they respond this way to me? What is the pattern, and where did it come from? How can I break it?

I am here to help you develop a deeper understanding of yourself, your emotional world, and your unique way of relating to others.

Education & Training
  • Doctor of Psychology - Widener University (Chester, PA)
  • Bachelor of Science, Summa Cum Laude - Boston University (Boston, MA)

Predoctoral Internships

  • La Salle University CAPS (Philadelphia, PA)
  • Philadelphia Community Treatment Teams (Philadelphia, PA)


  • The Therapy Center of Philadelphia (Philadelphia, PA)
  • Capital Health Medical Center (Trenton, NJ)
  • Westtown School (West Chester, PA)

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